What Are the Most Popular Granite Colors for Kitchen Countertops?

Timeless Sleekness of Black Granite
Despite of this, black granite is still common in kitchen designs due to it being stand out and look-striking, and how it can any kitchen style. That kind of black tiles, such as Absolute Black or Black Galaxy are especial appealing tiles with polished finish and small speck, or even mica chipped in the surface. While these granites are visually stunning, their darker color makes them better at hiding stains and scratches than their lighter counterparts, so they are known for being practical choices for high-traffic kitchens.
Cool Grey granite is suited for modern-style kitchens
Grey: A more modern choice, grey granite is extremely versatile Colors vary from light silvery grays to further charcoals.Consequently, they pair completely with each contemporary and ancient cabinetry. Grey granite is frequently characterized by a composition of light and dark waste that contributes to a bold yet monochrome statement. It is a great option for someone who is looking for that balance between popping out just a bit and being really subtle.
Beige and Brown Granite- Warm Neutrals
Those are your warm neutral granites, shades from beige to brown that create a sense of good old homeyness for the kitchen. Popular Reasons: These colors go well with wooden cabinets, and with rustic-inspired features that make a home feel homey. The countertops are available in popular choices such as Santa Cecilia or Tan Brown, with patterns full of earth tones and deep, vivid flecks adding dimension and warmth to the kitchen.

Clean and Current White Granite
Wondering which kind of granites to select from? White granite shine is a great way to make your kitchen look brighter. Marble-look porcelain is usually flecked or veined by shades of gray and black since it replicates the luxurious look of marble, which is less durable and requires a lot of care. Minimalist and ScandinavianInspired Kitchens: White granite (such as Alaska White and River White) are incredibly trendy in the world of abstract and Scandinavian-inspired kitchens due to the popularity of bright, open, and airy spaces.
Outdoor Exotic Colors: one of a kind and vibrant
Exotic Granite Colors: Blues, Reds, and GreensFor those seeking a bolder countertop, exotic granite colors have been on the rise in popularity. These bold choices would make a statement across the center of a kitchen, or more contained within design schemes craving bursts of hue. Some exotic granites, such as Blue Bahia or Emerald Pearl, have gorgeous, bold colors and pronounced veins that make them unlike the more familiar choices.
That includes following design trends.
Granite Color Reflects Design Fashion Trends This includes, but is not limited to, a desire for granite that will serve as a neutral background while offering pops of color (as in many of today's home design concepts which include all-natural and bright elements in a single space (e. This includes the green trend where doing things that are environmentally friendly, hence locally mined granite being preferred for its minimized environmental footprint.
Anyone looking for a fresh overview of todays most fashionable granite options for kitchen tops should turn to the section on granito cocinas colores, a comprehensive guide to the impact of various tones of granite, have on the contemporary kitchen. Our beautiful granite worktops that could be a perfect mixture of durability, beauty, and choice range that suits any blending taste to touch and feel whether you renovating your older kitchen or designing the new one anyway.

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