In Which Countries is English Commonly Spoken?

Though, English is also a global lingua franca i.e. one of the largest (if not THE LARGEST) spoken and studied language in almost every corner on earth except for some very isolated communities/community who have their own unique languages/linguistics. It is an official language of top countries in various continents and also finds widespread use as a second language across the world, contributing to communication among nations on international levels.

English-speaking Countries

Some of the clearest examples include The United States, UK (and its territories), Canada and Australia as well as New Zealand. Yes, English is also used in daily communication there and mapped into law, education system or working environment.

USA: There is no federal language, but English is a de facto national language spoken by approx 95% of the population.

UK - English is the official language and spoken by nearly every resident as their first language

Canada: It is one of the two official languages, where 75% Canadians mention that it as their first.

Australia English (de facto national language; Australia: 91%)

New ZealandEnglish is one of three official languages, spoken by almost all the population.

Countries Where English is Widely Used

English is also one of their five (5) official languages and it can be seen in civil service, legal protocols and education. Other examples include:

India English (one of the two official languages at the federal level, widespread in business and science)

The Philippines: English is one of the official languages, a medium for instruction in education and as legislated at any certain level.

South Africa : One of eleven official languages, English is commonly used in public and commercial life.

English as a Second Language

In many countries, English is actually taught as a second language at young ages and therefore much of the population can speak it. 69 A small number of other countries arguably belong in this category but may nonetheless be exempted, including Sweden, Norway Denmark Netherlands Germany Which would serve to speed up international commerce and communication, as English is very much a language of business in these countries.

Netherlands: Almost 90% of the Dutch are estimated to be able to speak English, which is mostly used in trade and higher education.

English proficiency is very high in most of the Nordic countries, not least because it is widely taught at school and frequently used by businesses or institutions.

The Global Reach of English

All these factors work together to make English the lingua franca of diplomacy and global trade. Being one of the six official languages for United Nations and used as a common language in aviation, scientific research and internet; rendered English mandatory.

For additional perspectives on rates of English speaking around the world as well how it plays a role in global communication, be sure to check out our full examination concerning do they speak english in what here. Further reading: This article delves deeper into how English can bridge great distances and differences between the countries, pushing nations to understand one another more.

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